Inventory Consulting

Maximize Your Dealership’s Potential

SmartCount will review your inventory processes to ensure you are running a lean Parts Department.

The management of your Parts Department is one of the most essential areas of dealership profitability and your cash flow. Your auto Parts Department supports your entire organization and is a key area of customer satisfaction. 

SmartCount ‘s Inventory Consultants can help you fine-tune your parts department to ensure that it is maximizing its potential.

Our years of experience, in the automotive industry, have highlighted fundamental areas that are often overlooked within the automotive parts departments.

By reviewing your current processes and observing your parts department in action, we are able to develop smart but simple strategies and solutions that will help improve the overall effectiveness of your dealership.

We track your progress and compare it to Parts Departments like yours. We then focus on the areas of deficiency and raise the profits in these areas. 

SmartCount ‘s inventory consulting includes these important benefits: 

  • Initial Consultation
  • Experienced Parts Professionals Performing Review 
  • Post Inventory Recap/Consultation
  • Suggestions, Solutions and Recommendations