Parts Department Training

Ensure Your Staff Are Equipped With The Knowledge They Need 

SmartCount will help you to train employees in any position of your Parts Department.

Training is crucial to ensuring new hires are able to do their job effectively but training does not stop there. The automotive industry is constantly evolving which means that all of your employees need to regularly update their skills, abilities and practices.

Whether you need to train a new hire or current employee, we have you covered.

From a delivery driver or warehouse clerk to counterperson or manager, we will ensure that each employee is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to do their job effectively.

Our team of inventory professionals have years of experience in the automotive industry. Having worked their way from entry level jobs to management positions, they have a thorough understanding of what each position entails and how to effectively train your employees to ensure that your parts department operates lean and maximizes its efficiency to increase profitability.