Parts Strategic Planning

AccuParts will review and analyze your current inventory and revenue generating processes and provide feedback and guidance to ensure you are running an efficient and profitable parts department.

AccuParts can help you fine-tune your parts department to ensure that it is maximizing Return on Investment & Asset Performance potential through our customized approach, focusing on expense control, reducing Idle Inventory (frozen capital), and a plan for continuous department improvement.

With the Parts Department being one of the most significant areas of dealership profitability and cash flow, finding new methods of efficiency and processes can lead to enhanced value creations. Improving fill-rates, parts availability and ensuring proper utilization of manufacturer Inventory Optimization (RIM) programs can result in increased Service Productivity.

This will help your parts department to better support your entire organization and produce higher rates of customer satisfaction.

With over 170 years of experience in the automotive industry, we can highlight fundamental areas for improvement that may often be overlooked within the automotive parts departments.

By embedding ourselves within your parts department, reviewing your current processes and observing department in action. We can develop logical strategies and solutions that will aid in the overall efficiency of your dealership and a plan for organic business growth.

We benchmark your progress and compare it to parts departments in dealerships like yours. We team up with you to create strategies that focus on any areas of deficiency so that you can improve productivity and raise the profits in these areas.